Author Ashlynn Monroe’s Book Tour Event is Now Going On…

In the below interview with author Ashlynn Monroe, I ask her 6 questions about her writing, herself, and her books. I found Ashlynn to be a warm and passionate woman who balances her personal life with her writing life. Read more about this interesting, unique author….


 1) Hi Ashlynn. I’m curious, and I’m sure my readers are too, how did you get your start in writing? And is it a passion for you or just a way to make some money?


I started writing when I was thirteen. My first fans were my cousins. I wrote for myself for years. When I was thirty I decided to find a publisher. I had years of stuff on my computer so my first year in the business I had a release or more each month from several publishers.



2) Please tell us about your new book, “Moonlight’s Peril [Book 1].” Is it a romantic suspense novel? Or a romance novel?


This is a paranormal romance that has elements of mystery and suspense. These characters are really dear to me. Here’s the blurb:


Bianca Archer watched her thirteen-year-old daughter leave on a camping trip to reconnect with an absentee father. Bianca’s life stops when his body is found and her daughter is missing. She’s sure the local off-the-grid commune took her child. 

Law Foster has a pack to protect. Helping nosy Bianca jeopardizes his duty. Bianca isn’t part of his world and that makes her a very dangerous woman to want. When she witnesses Law’s shift, he has to make a choice—bite her or trust her. 

This ebook is 64,848 words. Each book in this series can stand alone.


3) I notice on the cover of your book there are three wolves and two men between one woman. Is this cover meaningful to you? And what is its significance in relation to your title “Moonlight’s Destiny [Book 3].”


This book isn’t out yet. This one comes out in 2017 “Moonlight’s Peril” Released September 5, 2016 and “Moonlight’s Gift” releases on Halloween. “Moonlight’s Desire” features a menage, but Book one is m/f. Book two features two separate m/f couples as well as the couple from book one. The relationship in book three between the characters is foreshadowed in both books one and two. The men are Reylin’s destiny.


 4) Is “Moonlight’s Peril” a historical romantic novel or does it take place in today’s time period?


It’s a paranormal romance set in a contemporary time period. The series is set in a fictional Southern Wisconsin town.


5) Where do you see yourself in 10 years as a writer of books and novels? Also, I think my readers are interested in you, as a person. I know I am! So, please tell us a little about your personal life and how you balance it with your writing life.


I’ve been a writer most of my life. From a very young age I loved to tell stories. I’ll always write even if I don’t have an audience. With each book I get better and I hope in a decade my books are even more special to readers than they are today.

I work full-time in technical support for an education company. I have amazing co-workers. I really like my day job, but writing is my passion. My kids are older now. When my first book was published my son was in preschool and now he just entered middle school. My daughter is a high school freshman. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart. We’ll celebrate 18 years in October. I write after everyone is asleep and on the weekends.



6) Thank you so much for being with us today, Ashlynn. Where can my readers purchase their copy of “Moonlight’s Peril?”


Moonlight’s Peril Sale price 0.99

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

Amazon AU


Moonlight’s Gift Preorder

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

Amazon AU





Enjoy all three (3) of Ashlynn Monroe’s suspenseful and paranormal romantic novels! I hope you found insight into the author’s motivation for writing her books for you in this book/interview tour I’ve done for you.

If you liked this book/interview tour, go to the links Ashlynn provided to purchase her wonderful novels written especially for you! Thank you for being here today.

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